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When Renting a DLP or LCD Multimedia Projector, you need to match the brightness of the projector to your audience and room size. Large rooms and audiences require high bulb strength brightness. (Projector bulb strength brightness is measured in ANSI lumens or lumens).

Projectors range from around 1000 to 5000 lumens in brightness. The higher the lumen the brighter the projector.
Less than 1000 lumens  - Good for small presentation with low ambient light. However projectors in this range are seldom found in a modern rental inventory..

1000 -2000 lumens -These are the most popular units being sold and rented today. Very practical and will work with some ambient light and audience sizes up to100 people.  

3000 lumens - Projectors in this range are much larger units than the1000 to 2000 models. A 3000 lumen projector rental is good for audiences of less than 250 with ambient light.

5000 lumens  - For audiences up to 500 or more even under brighter lights 6000+ lumens - For large events like conventions, conferences and tradeshows where thousands of people need to view a presentation at the same time.

Another consideration is portability of the projector. Lower lumen units are the most portable. As a general rule, as you increase bulb strength brightness, you reduce portability. High lumen projectors are larger and weigh more than low lumen projectors.

What Is the Difference Between a DLP and an LCD Projector?
Many people that rent projectors are asking the same questions: what should I rent, an LCD projector or a DLP projector? Is one better than the other? The answer is that these projectors simply use different technology to produce similar results.

LCD Projector
An LCD projector is comprised of three liquid crystal panels - red, blue, and green. Light shines through these panels to create the colors that produce the image that you see on your screen.

DLP Projector
A DLP projector is based on technology that was developed by Texas Instruments. It works by reflecting light off of a microchip on which is embedded thousands of microscopic mirrors. Each mirror equals one pixel in the image.

Which Projector Is Best for You?
There are often debates on which technology is superior, but the true answer is that an LCD projector and a DLP projector are simply two ways to do the same thing. If you look very closely, an LCD projector may produce a brighter image, and small text will look crisper. A DLP projector will give better black levels than an LCD projector.

However, the bottom line is that when you are shopping for a projector, you shouldn't really get caught up in whether DLP is better than LCD. Instead, look at the bigger picture. Which projector model has the best brightness for your needs? Which model offers the correct inputs? What size projector do you need? Rent the best model for your situation rather than simply basing your decision on the criteria of LCD vs. DLP.

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