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About You: The Customer

Have you ever noticed that almost every company on the web has an "About Us" page on their site, when the focus should really be on you the customer?

BDK Computer Services' decision to change this trend and title this page "About You" is our pledge to you and to ourselves to never forget the true bottom line of our business:

You are what makes our business go. We truly appreciate the opportunity to serve your needs while making a living doing what we love to do, and our pledge is to never forget that you are our number one priority.

As an Austin, Texas based company we are very familiar with local business and business practices.

BDK Computer Services does not presume to be experts on you or your business; however we can safely assume that since you're at our site, a few things are probably true:
  • You have a need for computer services that require repair or computer networking
  • You have an existing business or a family needing professional computer services
  • Your business or family life would be much easier if you had one company who would take you from point A to Z and provide all the computer resources and tools that you need to keep your business on online
For those of you who are asking yourselves, "Who the heck is BDK Computer Services ," you can visit our “About Us” page.

We look forward to serving and helping you.
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